Streamline your BAROQUE OBOE journey and you'll soon be giving voice to your favorite works and playing history's most brilliant oboe repertoire

It's Baroque! Let's Fix it!  

Crash Course: Baroque Oboe. Play with intense musical expression!

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unlocking the multi-layered magic of Baroque music rendered with a spacious Baroque oboe!

Baroque Oboe opens new dimensions for you:


Get on the wind and on the wood for a full-body experience of connection


Play long passages with ease and balance

Avoid common mistakes and advance your skill quickly

Discover hidden secrets in your modern oboe and learn to use these 


Foster eloquent articulation and agile finger technique


Reacquaint yourself with your favorite Baroque repertoire in context


Let go of "romantic" ideals and plumb the expressive possibilities of the rhetorical era


Connect with a worldwide network of other players

And SO Much more.

I can't wait for you to feel the wood and wind vibrating under your fingers. I LOVE playing the oboe and I am eager for you to experience the joy when your skills and agility allow you to keep up with the demands of your unique musicality. 

Music manuscript: Zelenka Trio Sonata in F mvt. 2


JK Oboe Studio & Reed Making

I bring people together with music for the refreshment of the spirit and I help oboists achieve intense musical expression. 

Welcome to my studio and to this new way of learning. My students, colleagues and I were skeptical about online learning but with the help of some brilliant and user-friendly technology, we quickly came to love the flexibility and cherish the network. You can learn whenever you want. You can connect with oboists all over the world looking for solutions to the same problems. You can watch skill demonstrations over and over until you get it. 

I've taken 20+ years of experience performing and teaching Baroque oboe and extrapolated the most important nuggets of truth and the most efficient builders of confidence, stamina and technique and packaged these into these four brief sessions. These are the foundations and principles for my own daily training and key to my expression. Skip the hassle and if it's Baroque, let's fix it!

What you'll Learn

It's Baroque! Let's Fix It! Includes These Learning Sessions

Session 1: Quest for the Hole-y Seal

The first step to achieving intense musical expression with a Baroque oboe is making sure that wily wind gets where it needs to go without making an early escape.  We'll make sure your oboe and your reed are air-tight and that your fingers are covering the holes reliably (this is more challenging than you might expect: I know the tricks!)

I’ll cover:


The oboe -- a glorified table leg a.k.a. Reed Resonator


Reeds and staples: where to even start


All thumbs --- and some fingers.


Connecting the oboe and reed for success and you connecting with fellow oboists!

Session 2: Hula Hoop and Pyramid

 Once you have a hermetically sealed set-up, you'll start training your mental map of where the fingers go and how. 

This is a tough but very entertaining session in which you will figure out ..


what hula hooping has to do with the Baroque oboe


that when the winds of change blow, some build walls, others build windmills


that I have an "Embouchure Rant" 


reeds...just kidding, NOBODY has figured out reeds but you needn't fear them and I'll tell you why 

 Now you know what type of event to host, you have your event and topic planned, and next comes the most important step… 

Session 3: Song and Dance -- getting your priorities straight

Learning Baroque oboe is not just about practicing a new set of fingerings and growing accustomed to a wide reed. As you begin playing I will challenge you to get away from your conservatory training and embrace the rhetorical style. And while we're at it, I'll get you dancing.

We'll examine


Clarity of Intent


Articulations: Stuff you can already do and never knew it


Do you have your priorities straight? Is this a rhetorical question?


The Follies and a Bach Choral: Song and Dance!


Reading historical manuscripts and clefs

Session 4: National Styles and New Dimensions

Approaching Baroque music with your priorities straight holds a promise of pure bliss. In this session, I'll hand you some keys to cultivating an awareness that will begin to unlock new dimensions for you.

We'll explore: 


listening examples of French, Italian, English and German styles,


what to listen for and how to hone your ear and


how to begin applying this in your playing.

Included With The Above 4 Sessions, you get Bonuses:

 BONUS #1 - JK Studio Fingering Charts


Easy to read and an excellent addition to the pile on your music stand


Record your own (alternate) fingerings with the empty JK Fingering Chart template

BONUS #2 - Sprightly Companions Community Membership 


Membership in the Sprightly Companions network of oboists community via desktop AND through a dedicated Mobile App (all devices)


Respectful culture with space for daring growth as you achieve intense musical expression 


Lifelong access

 Bonus #3 - Live Q & A Sessions with Jeanine


As you dive in, you are likely to face your own unique set of challenges and frustrations. This is normal! I'll assist you in finding solutions to streamline your journey and serve your own personal expression. You'll get to skip many of the mistakes I made!

Skip the heartaches, agonies and dead-ends my colleagues and I already explored. 

I've charted the path. Now it is up to you to grab your sprightly companion, the oboe, and make the journey!

Hear what people have to say…

I am starting to understand! - I honestly can't believe what I have just achieved. I am so pleased with myself!!! (One shouldn't blow one's own trumpet but I guess oboe players are allowed!!!!) Playing my oboe every day has been an absolute pleasure and joy. A lesson with my amazing, talented and inspirational teacher gave me reassurance, motivation and skills to help me in my current repertoire (and lots more besides!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Naomi Sladdin, Vocalist and Oboist -- Yorkshire, United Kingdom

 Jeanine offers so many exciting, mouthwatering opportunities to meet, learn, share thoughts, experiences and emotions! I am proud to be her student and she also challenges me to reflect on my own potential, ambitions and possibilities. I am so happy that I’ve reached a playing level that allows me to play the music I love together with real masters like Jeanine.

- Wolfram Schweickhardt, Oboist, Lover of JS Bach and Press Officer --  Frankfurt, Germany


What a fun way to connect with other oboists and get a broader perspective... Jeanine is an amazing online teacher! I've spent two weeks learning to do it for my classes, and she makes it seem easy.

- Stacey Berk, Professor of Oboe and Music Theory at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point USA

 Jeanine challenges me to go to this magical place. As kids, we hear music and see music. As we grow to be adults, it can become rigid, fear based and nervous. So being able to step out of that -- it's exciting, it's refreshing, almost a homeopathic sort of self healing. Jeanine is extremely knowledgeable about the craft and shows excitement for the instrument and passion for sharing. She’s relatable and empathetic. Yes, there are fingering issues and physical things that you have to address. Jeanine also reminds me of the importance of awareness and envisioning things. She has a very introspective view of the instrument. The oboe is in us, and we cultivate it out. It's deeper than what we see and touch. We're at a high level of music making so it's not only concrete, also abstract -- this spinning of sound and using colors and ideas.

- Calvin Gresl -- Oboist and multi-instrumentalist Chicago, Illinois, USA

Register now and get the celebratory low price!

I am celebrating with a special low price because the International Double Reed Society officially established the IDRS Baroque Band which serves in a ceremonial fashion to frame concerts and events at the annual society conferences. In this way we connect to our oboe and bassoon ancestors and follow in their tradition by adding pomp, dignity and frivolity when people gather. Any IDRS member is welcome to join the IDRS Baroque Band for the summer conferences! Our fellow historical performance specialists have studied and experimented and developed and used a lot of guesswork figuring out how our predecessors navigated the wealth of brilliant literature that composers felt inspired to write for this marvelous, virtuosic instrument. Now we can share what we know and carry it forth!

This is worth celebrating! 

Jeanine Krause

JK Oboe Studio & Reed Making

Praised as “delightful and so refreshing” (Boston Musical Intelligencer), Jeanine Krause brings people together with music for the refreshment of the spirit and assists oboists in achieving intense musical expression.

She performs on oboes and recorders with orchestras and as a soloist on four continents. Also a teacher and coach, Jeanine augments in-person experiences with innovative online learning, especially for oboe reed makers and historical oboists.

In 2019, Jeanine established the European Division of Symphonie des Dragons, an oboe band founded in 2011 on the US East Coast by Gonzalo Ruiz and fashioned after Les Douze Grand Hautbois of Versailles. Her chamber ensemble, The Sprightly Companions explores conversant and expressive pearls of 18th Century repertoire.

Jeanine has performed with many leading historical performance orchestras including the Handel and Haydn Society, Boston Baroque, the Bach Ensemble, Mercury Baroque, Wiener Akademie. Musica Angelica and as a soloist with the Dallas Bach Society, L’Arpa Festante and the American Baroque Opera Company.

Jeanine is Secretary of the Board of Directors for the International Double Reed Society and on the Advisory Council and Co-Chair of the Campaign Steering Committee of Lutheran Music Program.

Jeanine studied modern oboe at St. Olaf College with Rhadamas Angelucci and Merilee Klemp and at the University of Nebraska with William McMullen. She did further studies in musicology at Gutenberg Universität, in Baroque Oboe at Peter-Cornelius-Konservatorium with Matthew Peaceman and doctoral study in historical performance practice at Boston University with Marc Schachman, Joshua Rifkin and Martin Pearlman.

Born in the USA, Jeanine dances Argentine Tango wearing three-inch heels and lives in Germany with her son and a boa named Tiny.

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